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There have been so many advances in virtual reality technology over the past few years it is hard to identify the Pinnacles That defined the next major leap and how the entertainment industry adapts to the new technology. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss two of the advancements and how the team at Absolute Live Productions and our client came together to produce a project that achieves the next plateau in agency-based marketing.

The Challenge – When the agency and brand approached our client with a Kloe Kardashian hosted, Multi-City live capture of a gaming competition for King’s Candy Crush, Our client knew that the creative had to live up to the caliber of the content. With this in mind, our client pitched the concept of virtual reality live production. The project was further complicated by the fact that all 10 contestants would be located in their homes So all of their feeds along with their gameplay would have to be remoted into the studio and then tied into the virtual set. This project had to have more eye candy (Yes, Pun Intended) than anything else that has been created to date.

The Virtual Reality Sets – Although virtual sets have been around for many years, it’s only since The Mandalorian shocked the entertainment industry and proved that the future of production is already here. Not only is the technology for building incredible virtual sets been proven out and is now stable enough for large format projects, but the Mo-sys camera tracking systems have also been able to provide smooth tracking and Jib shots while still keeping the production on schedule and able to achieve the highest quality productions on a fraction of the price of what this would have been possible only a few years ago.

The Remote Guests – We created multi-camera live remote captures and live streams throughout the pandemic; this project was a little more challenging. This production required the capture of each player and a need to bring in the gameplay simultaneously. Since this was a competition, we had judges who needed to watch the match while it was going down live. All of this was achieved with the combination of VMix, OBS, Cell Phones, Computers, Lights, Mics Elgato capture devices. That all had to be drop-shipped to the contestants 24 hours before the competition. This was challenging, and yet, in the end, all of the Contestants had a fantastic time end are in footage will speak for itself.



For this title, we knew we had to bring our A-game. It had to be something that was “Super Bowl” worthy. Our task as described by the client was very easy for our team to conceptualize. Friday night fights meet a halftime show


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Watch Madden 2022 Marchan Lynch vs Little Dickie Exclusively on You-Tubehttps://youtu.be/fhH7gC9bztA

The Challenge
 The first thing that we realized when creating this virtual set is that we only had less than seven days from start to finish. That in itself was really what created the pressure for our team to not only create the set, back the lights into the set, and design the camera moves.


ARENA OF ARSHA (E-Sports Competition)

This project was such a fun challenge to create. The ALP team had the freedom to envision all aspects of the creative layout of the set and the camera moves while still adhering to the client’s stick guidelines around the gameplay.

The Challenge This E-Sport head-to-head competition had to look amazing while bringing the entire project in at a budget that would typically be less than our set design. We quickly realized that we would need to use a virtual reality simulation software to avoid the cost of Jib Ops, Steady Cam Ops & Camera Slider Ops not to mention the Spider Camera and Spider Cam op. Whilst this simulated software does not work in all cases it did allow our team to provide all of the motion tracking elements we were after at a fraction of the cost.

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