Green Screen Stages

Los Angeles, California

CHILA Media Group (North Hollywood) CHILA is a full-service production, post production, and design studio with stage facilities in Burbank, California. Founded by Jess Loren and Two-Time Emmy winner Erick Geisler. CHILA’s mantra is to collaborate with the top studios and filmmakers to create new, immersive, and imaginative content.

Loyalty Studios (Burbank) – We have been working with some of virtual reality’s leading experts, producing content for virtual and augmented reality projects. Recent virtual projects include sports content, music content, and virtual reality video games.

The pre-lit 2.5 walled cyclorama has been a strategic tool for virtual reality content producers looking for a turn-key facility with an infinite background up and down. As virtual reality and augmented reality continue to innovate storytelling and branding, Loyal Studios is becoming a great partner for virtual and augmented reality projects.



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