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hi everyone alright so let me show you
how to actually gain access or early
access to meet a human so if you check
the link in the description it will take
you over to this webpage
so just sign in with your epic games
account and then you'll be able to click
on request access
i think it asks i think it asks for your
email address and then it takes about a
day or two for them to send an email
back to you
uh which basically congratulates you for
gaining access to mr human and in that
email you'll be able to click on launch
metahuman creator
and metahuman basically functions within
your web browser
so when you click on the link it'll open
it up in the web brow in the web browser
and i'll show you exactly what that
looks like
all right so once you've been granted
access to mid to humans this is the
first thing that you're going to be
greeted with
so you'll have all of these presets made
to humans on the left hand side and
that's going to be your starting point
you can also click on this icon over
here and that's going to show you how
much time you have left
so they're basically allowing everyone
to use metahumans right now for one hour
and then you can request
access again but this is going to be
your starting point so you can choose
any of these templates and it will take
you to the editor
so i'm going gonna go ahead and select
this character called bernice
so you can see it's going to go ahead
load it in and if you use
uh the middle mouse button on your
scroll wheel you can actually orbit
and rotate around your character like
this so it might be a little bit laggy i
actually don't know exactly
how this has been streamed it's probably
off like some
really powerful computer being streamed
to the browser but there we go we can
zoom in
also with your mouse wheel and you can
see just the
the level of quality and detail on these
is absolutely incredible we've got skin
and poor detail we've got
a peach fuzz on the characters which are
these small hairs
you can see it really looks fantastic
and one of the hardest aspects to get
with 3d human characters are the eyes
and i think these eyes look really
really fantastic and of course we've got
some fantastic grooming going on here as
well with the hair
and this just looks really really good
we even got some subsurface scattering
over here
and just the overall skin texture looks
superb so i'm gonna start with bernice
and i'm gonna click on next and that'll
take me over to the editor
so as soon as you go over to the editor
you can see it starts playing this
animation and you can
again you can zoom in zoom out and see
everything plain
in real time which is incredible so
some really fantastic stuff going on
over here you can see
you can see the face rom as well where
it does some additional
you know animations for the face and you
can see all of those blend shapes
being used as well so really really cool
going on over here now there is some hot
keys that you can see on the right hand
side as well that shows you how to orbit
you can toggle between the face with the
one on your keyboard or body camera
torso but i'm just using my
middle mouse button so just the scroll
wheel to orbit
that's all that i really need and i'm
just zooming in
and out so let's start immediately also
over here we can change the lighting in
our scene
a studio i think gives it the best
overall look with the with the lighting
but you can also choose an indoor scene
these are differently hdris this has
been lit with an hdri
and you can see we've got an outdoor
scene as well and a silhouette
right so you can see how your
character's proportions and all of that
reads from a silhouette which is really
but i'm just going to leave this on
toast on uh sorry i'm going to leave
that on studio
and you can also switch between the
different cameras over here or you can
choose the render quality so if you've
got a nice powerful gpu
you can even go to ray traced now
obviously this might slow down
your computer depending on your hardware
and then the level of detail
so by default lot 0 is the highest level
of detail for this character
you can go all the way down to lot seven
so this is usually what's used in mobile
and yeah this this looks crazy right now
but it's cool that you can switch
between the different lords
you can see over here we can even view
this with a clay material which is cool
you can toggle that off and on
we can hide the hair for the sake of
performance because the hair
this metahuman groom in here that's been
used actually
really takes a hit on the performance so
if you need to hide that you can do that
and then obviously
that's just to toggle the hotkeys so you
can see over here on the left hand side
very simple ui let's start with blend so
this is a
super cool feature you can actually
blend between three different uh
meta-humans so if i go ahead and
actually stop the animation right now
you have to stop the animation
all right so let's say i want to blend i
want to maybe take some features from
and then i want some additional features
bis and let's see who else
and maybe some features from danielle so
once that's all
been placed on this blend it's going to
bring up all of these white dots
now you'll see as i left click over here
center point is going to be our original
character bernice
but when i moved to the left hand side
i'm basically blending
these eyebrow features now with our
character ada
and the same applies if i'm going to the
other side as well so really really cool
stuff how you can blend all of these
features so if i wanted ada's lips
i can just simply do that so a great way
to add some more variety to these
characters just by blending between
different metahumans
now you'll see at the bottom there's
some other options as well so we're
using blend if i go to move
you can see i can choose different parts
of the character's face as well
so if i click and drag on these ears i
can also shape them however i want them
to be
so i can flare them out and you can see
it's got like all of those anchors on
so this is like a super super advanced
character creator
something that uh i've personally never
seen like this would
definitely be the most advanced
character creator in a video game
if this was intended to be for a video
but obviously this is going to be used
for video games but you can see
you can just shape and adjust those
features really quickly and easily
and then the sculpting feature gives you
even more control
you have all of these smaller dots on
the character so just giving you some
finer control
over how you want to shape uh different
of your character as well so really
really fantastic stuff going on here
it's really in depth and obviously you
can click on preview to see what your
character actually looks like
after all of those changes now we can
move over to skin
and with skin this is really cool so
obviously we can change the color of the
skin right now
which is which will also change the race
of the character
and you can see how everything just
blends in seamlessly
it's absolutely fantastic this is some
really really cool stuff going on here
all right and then we have this texture
slider and this just adds different
types of
skin textures so you can see there's
even some texture maps in here
that contain wrinkles and folds and
so that's really cool that they've added
this and it's just a simple slider
you can change the contrast of the skin
as well as the roughness so if you want
bring in some of that specularity you
know maybe make the skin look a little
oily then you can do that as well you
can even add some freckles on our
character just by simply left clicking
and selecting some freckles you can
choose the density so just go ahead play
around with the stuff
and you know just have fun with it you
can left click on there again to get rid
of those freckles
and then there's some accents as well so
if you maybe wanted the cheeks to have
some more redness on it
you can do that so maybe this character
has been blushing
and maybe there's been some more redness
in the cheeks
but it's cool you can even make the skin
almost look like dead
or like really tried out maybe this
would work really well with you know
older characters that have some
in the face but it's giving you
all of this fantastic
freedom to create these humans
so now of course you can head over to
the eyes and you can choose a different
eye color as well so this is going to
apply it to both eyes
but what's cool is if you go to the iris
you can also create two different
colored eyes which is actually known as
hetero heterochromia i think i'm
pronouncing that correctly but
it's a condition where somebody has two
different colored eyes so
you can see over here you can choose
both or left and
maybe one eye is blue like this
and the other eye is green so cool stuff
you can even choose the blend
method between radial and structural not
100 sure what that's doing exactly
uh but you can see you can also play
around with some of the color balance
over here for the eye itself even the
iris size like there is
so much attention to detail that they've
put in these eyes they spent a lot of
time making sure that
you know they wanted to create the best
looking cgi's
for a 3d character because this
is what you know separates between a
really good-looking cg character
and one that just looks really really
it's always in the eyes at least from
what i've noticed
so these eyes i think look absolutely
fantastic they've got moisture
and all that goodness on it so you can
see you can play around with the sclera
as well
and adjust some of the brightness so all
of these sliders over here even the
that is crazy like rotation on the veins
uh man like they were thinking about
everything when they created these eyes
uh but there we go so two different
colored eyes i'm actually you know what
i'm just gonna go back and choose
maybe just preset 11 for now
all right and then this actually
surprised me you can go to teeth
and now you can customize this
character's teeth so you can see i can
add some variation on here which is
something that i would definitely do
so this is just making sure you know it
doesn't look you know it's adding some
to the teeth right
which i think makes this look a lot more
believable you can even play around with
the length of the teeth but over here if
you play around with these sliders and
click and drag on them you can actually
make some really messed up teeth as well
if you just play around with these
sliders you can create some really crazy
looking teeth
you can see i can open the jaw
and yeah so all of these fantastic
sliders on you even the color of the
gums and the
teeth and the plaque i think i'm
pronouncing it correctly
which you can make these teeth look
really clean or you know they've got
that buildup of plaque on it over time
which adds some more believability
onto the character so some really cool
stuff going on here
and of course we've got a makeup
category as well
so if you want to add some makeup on
your character you can do
exactly that play around with some of
the roughness add some more specularity
or you know make the the makeup look
have like a very matte finish to it you
can see there's even a metalness slide
over here and of course
the same applies for the lips so reduce
the roughness
it'll make it look more glossy or you
can create that matte finish
with the lipstick so you can see we've
got a dedicated hair category as well
and for those of you that know
about 3d hair it's really time consuming
to create
it's actually quite difficult to do as
well so i have a lot of respect for
grooming artists out there
i've done hair myself using zbrush and
fiber mesh
and you can also use maya's x-gen and
this or net or metrics as well to create
cg here
but over here they've built this library
for you and the hair looks
absolutely fantastic the library is not
massive but the hair that they have
included looks really good
so let's see what she looks like what
she actually looks like with a different
hairstyle so let's try this
long messy hairstyle so i'll just select
and there we go so really cool you can
see the quality of this hair is
really really fantastic and then the
salt and pepper slider just think about
you know that's starting to age so it
just brings in some gray hair as well
so really fantastic we can make the hair
completely gray
so i really like the slider you can also
decrease some of the roughness
you know to make it a little bit more
we'll increase it as well and you can
obviously change the overall color
of the hair over here
if that is something that you are going
now from this color slider i'm not
exactly sure how this is working because
there's no other colors that you can
actually choose i see it's just based
off melanin and redness
um i thought when it said color like you
could just choose any color that you
wanted like red or blue hair but
that doesn't seem to be the case but
anyway that's what she looks like with
blonde hair
so yeah there we go that is the hair
category it's absolutely fantastic the
quality of the hair that's included over
here looks
really really good and i'm really happy
that they've included this because
cg here is extremely time consuming
and can be quite difficult to do you can
see we've got some eyebrows as well
you can choose different eyebrows or
remove them entirely
if that's what you want same applies for
the eyelashes
now you put some big eyelashes on your
uh if you want to all right put a beard
on your character
it's up to you right they're not going
to stop you from doing that
and yeah you can put a moustache in your
character as well
and now the last category is the body
type so i can click on that and you can
choose to either have a short average or
tall metahuman
and you can choose whether you want them
to be plumpy athletic
or you know skinny it's completely up to
you whatever you actually going for
with your character so that's pretty
and there we go so you can also go to
tops so
you can see the library is quite small
right now we've only got what a
shirt sweater and a hoodie so this
obviously is going to grow over time
but it's cool that we've got these you
know just some basic clothing that we
can apply onto our character you can
change the color of that as well
to whatever you want it to be
all right but i'm gonna let's see what
was that on
okay it does actually doesn't matter
i'll just make that white uh and same
you can put some
change of different types of pants that
are on your character so again really
uh library right now but again this is
just the beginning of metal humans i'm
sure this library is going to be massive
one day
with just a huge variety of different
i would personally love to add some
clothing to this library
you know using marvelous designer adding
my own garments
onto these metal humans so we'll see as
time progresses and you can see there's
some shoes over here as well
that we can choose
all right so there is our major human so
right now it is quite basic
uh there isn't too much that we can do
uh in
you know this program right now but it's
so cool to see where things are going
with these characters
and just the level of quality that's
been produced is absolutely
fantastic let's see what this last
animation was
body technical so she'll start doing
some stuff okay she starts looking at
her body
yeah that's that's pretty cool let's
let me leave it on the body camera right
so really cool stuff i can't wait to see
what people are going to start doing
with these metahumans so if you've got a
rococo suit
you know adding your own um mocap data
to these metahumans or if you're using
an iphone and
you can record some facial animation as
the possibilities for generating these
really believable looking
human cg characters is going to unlock
a whole new world of possibilities
and creativity right so once you're
actually done
you can just click over here and you can
give this character a completely new
but i noticed once it's done i think
it's automatically just saving this to
the cloud
so even even if i just click on my
and i go back to the metahuman
creator or the starting point for
metahumans you can see it automatically
saves it over here to mymetahumans
so now i can go ahead you can see delete
or edit selected if i wanted to go back
into that project file okay so once
you're done in metahumans
uh you just need to open up your
quicksilver bridge update quicksort
bridge and then you'll gain access to
this mid to humans category so here's
all the presets that we saw
on the meta humans cloud-based website
and then you can see we've got my as
well so everything we were doing on the
was being saved and updated immediately
and it was being sent over to pixel
bridge as well so here's that character
and i actually downloaded this at 2k
resolution and this file size was 907
so obviously on 8k that file size is
going to be a lot larger
and i think it also depends on the level
of detail you're using on the character
as well
but there we go so you can download that
and then you can see this export
but you can see there is a limitation
that says this asset can only be
directly exported to unreal engine and
maya so for now we cannot export this to
any other programs
but obviously remember this program is
this uh
many humans are still in development so
they will add support for other programs
later on because
all of the other you know objects in
quicksort bridge that have been scanned
you'll see if i go to my export settings
you can actually export this to
to 3d studio max cinema 4d to blender so
it's got that bridge support for those
and i'm sure that they'll add the
support later on for the metahumans
and that's what i'm really excited to to
check out when that eventually gets
added and i'll definitely be updating
video again with that entire pipeline
going to
maybe cinema 4d or blender but for now
it's only
you can only use your metal humans in
unreal engine and maya
but it's still cool that you can still
export this out and give them a try
in a different package 3d package all
right so there we go i just wanted to
give you a quick introduction
you know in case you've never opened or
used metahumans so go ahead
you can head over to ap games you can
request access to use me to
emit humans as well so you can give it a
try and i just wanted to show you what
it's capable
of you can see there's a lot of
different features and sliders that you
can adjust
uh with the characters themselves to add
a lot of variation which i think is
really really cool so they're giving us
a fantastic tool to use
and i think we should really be excited
about this especially if you're the type
of person
that needs to use really believable
looking cg humans
with your animations or your games and
they've you know they've created this
tool for us so
i'm really excited to see where this
goes there's obviously a lot that they
can still add to me to humans and
a lot that they are going to add so this
is just the beginning
and i think it's off to a fantastic
start so let me know what you think down
in the description below
what do you think about made to humans
will you be using it personally
i actually might replace this with dare
studio but i want to see how this is
going to be integrated and used in other
3d programs as well
so i want to see how that pipeline is
going to work but the end results of
these characters
look absolutely superb and there's so
much customization
uh when it comes to the face itself and
adjusting those features but yeah let me
know what you think
down in the description uh sorry in the
comments below what do you think about
me to humans
all right so as always guys i truly
appreciate the support on this channel
so much
you are super awesome stay tuned for
some more videos and tutorials
and goodbye

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